A simple, scalable platform to get all your data into your Knowledge Graph Database 

4 Different Lenses for 4 different tasks...

Ingest structured files with ease. Supported types are CSV, JSON and XML.


Ingest data from SQL Databases with ease. All popular SQL Databases are supported (JDBC connection)


RESTful Lens

Configure this lens to fetch data from any RESTful endpoint. 


Using AI technologies, the Document Lens will analyse and tag your documents to other data in your Knowledge Graph.

Supported types are .docx .pdf and .txt


3 simple steps to connect each data source to your Knowledge Graph

Design your target data model (ontology)
  • A logical data model describing the world as you see it. 

  • We have a decade of experience in this, and can help you design your model.

Deploy your lenses (individual docker containers)
  • Each configurable lens has its own docker container, so deployment is easy. 

  • Cloud based deployment supported through AWS

  • On premise deployments supported through Docker

  • We have extensive experience with a wide range of infrastructures, and are happy to help with any deployment strategy

Configure your transformation mapping files
  • RML and R2RML configurable mapping files for mapping source data to target ontology

  • Configure multiple mappings for the same data source

  • Create bespoke functions for complex data transformations

Time series data supported as standard

Every time a Lens ingests some data, we add provenance information. Meaning that you have a full record of data over time. Allowing you to see what the state if the data was at any moment. 

For those who have experience with Knowledge Graphs, you may already have worked with the PROV-O model. This is the model we use to record Provenance information:


We support writing to all RDF Knowledge Graph databases.

Including but not exclusive to...

Coming soon support for writing directly to Property Graph Databases...

Including but not exclusive to...

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