Knowledge Graph 

solutions - done.

If you want to build a Knowledge Graph driven application or platform, we can help.

With over 10 years of experience delivering Knowledge Graph solutions, our expertise is second to none.

We have worked in a diverse range of industries including Pharma, E-Comm, Finance, Engineering, Life Sciences, Publishing and Media.

Delivering to a diverse range of clients, from SME's to Corporate giants, we can taylor our services accordingly. 

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Properly modelled data, means faster delivery of more powerful software. Ontological modelling underpins our solutions. One thing is for sure, a pragmatic Data Model is a must for all software.


There is a huge and rapidly growing world of open data, and we are well experienced in integrating Open Data sources with our clients domain data. By linking your data, to external data sources like DBPedia, GeoNames, CIA World Factbook, your products become enriched, enabling better annotation, search, SEO and product development.


Lots of large organisations have many different data sources. We are experts in integrating internal data, so that your digital product choice is limited to the data that you have, not the architecture where it resides.


Existing 'off the shelf' CMS systems are not capable of delivering truly data driven products. We build semi-bespoke CMS systems, using Semantic Annotation against Assets, and our Microsystem API CMS stack. We can implement and deploy truly amazing CMS systems, that scale and perform. We don't assume a 'one size fits all' approach, but re-use our stack of Micro-services where possible, to speed up delivery and keep costs to a minimum.


We have helped create some of the world's leading digital publishing solutions. Using Semantic Annotation techniques, our technologies ensure that digital assets are tagged with rich concepts. This enables better SEO, More linking between pages and automatic generation of Data Driven content to enhance user journeys through your site.


We can make unstructured documents become structured, enabling discovery of documents. Our Concept Extraction Micro Services will scan through documents, finding known and un-known concepts, so you can link your documents to Data Driven pages, search for the documents, target advertisements, and improve SEO.

Our consulting services include


  • Architecture

    • Enterprise

    • Application

    • Solution

  • Data Architecture

    • Ontology Modelling​

    • Taxonomy Design

    • Identity Graph

    • Social Network Graph

    • Knowledge Graph

    • Analytics Graph

  • Software Engineering

    • Knowledge Graph engineers​

    • AWS / GCloud expertise

    • NLP experience

    • UX / UI Design

  • Project Management

  • Programme management

  • Tooling decision making

    • Choosing when to 'build vs buy'​

    • Benefits and features of different Knowledge Graph products